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2018 Season Team Photo

Amelia Island Nassau County Lacrosse

Amelia Island Nassau County (AINC) Youth Lacrosse is a developmental youth lacrosse program for boys and girls ages 8-14. We are located in Fernandina Beach, Florida. We are excited to bring the amazing sport of Lacrosse to Nassau County. This is our second season and we will have a Spring league program and teaching clinics throughout the year.  No prior experience or knowledge of the sport is required. We are a 100% volunteer-driven, non-profit organization, and we are always looking for adult volunteers, with or without experience. Even if you have never seen a game or picked up a stick, we would enjoy the opportunity to teach you the sport so that you too can enjoy America's First Sport and the Fastest Game on Two Feet.
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Dear Parents, Volunteers and the Nassau County Lacrosse Community:

After careful thought and deliberation, we will unfortunately not have a separate Girls Team(s) this season.

1. We could not quite achieve the numbers to fill a team this year.

2. I was informed last night at the North Florida Youth Lacrosse League (NFYLL) meeting last night in St.Johns that there is a new league for girls, the NEGYLL, which separated this Winter from the NFYLL unbeknownst to me until the meeting. Rosters would had to have been submitted to the league by this week to be able to play and we just didn't have enough girls yet.

THE GOOD NEWS: Girls can play Boys Lacrosse – with full boys gear, of course.

We had two girls plays on the team last year and they had a blast and played brilliantly. NFYLL gave us the green light and have been extremely supportive in all aspects.

From here on out I suggest that if girls are interested signing up, it’s with the caveat that they'll be playing Boys Lacrosse. Furthermore, Betty McNeal is going to remain my assistant coach. Betty and I discussed it last night and we both feel, at a young age, that for the girls to play Boys Lacrosse is a huge advantage in terms of learning the sport and mastering the fundamentals for the future.

If you have signed your daughter(s) up to play Girls Lacrosse and do not want them to play Boys Lacrosse, we fully understand and will refund your money.

That being stated, we intent to try again with the Girls Team(s) next year and girls are invited to participate in practices, informal scrimmages, and other off-season activities if they choose not to play with the boys this Spring.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with calls, texts, emails, if you have any questions and thank you for your understanding.

We're a growing club and building an infrastructure from scratch and with that will take some time to get where we envision we should be.

See you all on the 29th.

Coach Carl

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Carl Bazarian Jr.

Head Coach, Amelia Island Nassau County Youth Lacrosse